Mortgage 101 in Canada


A home mortgage is financial boost issued to a person or a company by a financial institution, for purchase of a house or a property, over a specified lifespan that is not less than three years, or more than thirty years, however this can differ based on the institution you choose, moreover, you will be subjected to two interest rate forms; fixed interest rate or floating interest rate. Canada being a first world economy, they are tantalizing types of mortgages the market offers to, the ever growing home ownership appetite in this country Spara of Vancouver mortgages

Hybrid mortgages 

These best suites the experienced borrowers and have a number of plans in a single registration. This could include fixed rate, floating rate or even credit portion. If you are seasoned enough in this field you can use it as your personal financial plan as well. 

Reverse mortgages 

This is highly recommended for home owners almost to retire from their jobs or are 55 years and above, these senior citizens who mostly do not have a stable source of income, can convert their homes worth into equity and receive cash monthly or on a frequency they have set themselves. If they pass away before paying fully for the property, their heir or heiress can decide to pay up or let the proceeds from the sale of the property top up the remainder of the loan. 

Convertible mortgages 

This is the most popular package especially to the seasoned home buyers. It is popular for a good reason because it allows the buyer to make changes in the course of the speculated time by the financial institution. This is highly recommended based on the unpredictability of the financial landscape that is ever changing or the current financial situation the borrower is at and feels he or she cannot meet the previous agreement, this means, you can change from a fixed interest rate to floating rate based on which one suits you, and the beauty about it, you can change as many times as you want, as long as you are meeting your current obligation. 

Closed mortgages 

A closed mortgage is an agreement why the buyer and the financial institution agree on an interest rate and a payment period which is not supposed to breached or the buyer risks to get a penalty, this includes overpayment from the predetermined amount or clearing the loan before the stipulated time in the agreement, however, the borrower may select an adjustable rate that ranges from 10% to 20% 

Open mortgages 

This goes well financed individuals or someone who wishes to own a property as soon as possible.  This package unlike a closed mortgage plan, will allow you to pay as much as you can and as fast as you can without attracting any penalty. This is the most flexible plan in the market. 


Having gained this knowledge, you can proceed to make an informed decision on the one step closer to you becoming a home owner in Canada.