Magic mushrooms are scientifically proven to have a high rate of hallucinogens. This hallucinogen can be used and, at times, abused, which classifies it as an illegal drug. This hallucinogen in magic mushrooms can severely affect the user’s physical, emotional, and cognitive functioning Buy Shrooms Online Canada.  

Other risks are also caused by this type of mushroom, which significantly affects the relationship between the user and the people around them. However, these risks can be avoided by using safe methods. 

  • Use one substance at a time for a safe experience. When using the magic mushroom, one should ensure they don’t use other drugs such as alcohol or cannabis. Using all this simultaneously might alter the experience vastly and unpredictably. 
  • Avoid using any machinery or driving a vehicle after the experience. After one has used this type of mushroom, their judgment may become impaired. Therefore, they should not go or ride to avoid accidents and have a safe experience. 
  • One should ensure that they are in the right state of mind. Using this type of hallucinogen may cause different reactions in the user. Some may find it educational, some may find it spiritual, and to some, it might be fun. However, some may find it scary, mainly if one tries to control it. Therefore, one should roll with it, which may make it safe. 

Considerations before Starting the Experience 

Before starting the experience with these magic mushrooms, they should consider some things to ensure they’ll be safe during the incident. Below are some of these considerations: 

  • One should ask him or herself the reason for taking the drug. For a safe experience, the user should ensure they don’t use this hallucinogen to fight or avoid a problem. Using them will only cause more stress, anxiety, and fear. 
  • One should understand and have trust in their dealer. One should buy the drug from someone they trust and who knows the quality of the drugs they sell. 
  • One should find a friend who won’t be experiencing the drug. Experiencing the magic mushroom alone may lead to injuries if no one is near you, so one should be accompanied during the experience. 

What to do while having a bad experience 

When one is having a bad experience when tripping, there are several things that one can do. These things include: 

  • One should try to relax or meditate. This will help to reduce the anxiety and, with time, the bad experience. 
  • One should surrender to the experience instead of trying to control it. This will ensure that they have a safe experience. 
  • One should go somewhere safe and listen to some excellent music. 


Using these methods, we can have a safe experience with the magic mushroom and fight the high risks and effects caused by the reckless use of this mushroom.