Pink Kush Strain is an Indica-dominant strain primarily associated with body relaxing effects. It is believed it’s a descendant of OG Kush Strain Kush; this strain is formed through a three-way cross between Lemon Thai and Chemdawg and the Hindu Kush. It creates strong body effects and has a sweet flavour that is enjoyed by many of its consumers. These strains can be used in various ways, and some use them to soothe nerves and bring relaxation and a twist of happy giggles.

About Pink Kush

The Pink Kush strain is mostly Indica dominant hybrid. Its Indica dominance may run up to 90% and has a Sativa profile of 10%. Sativa is responsible for happy and uplifting euphoric effects. Users enjoy using this strain for its refreshing side. Pink Kush can be identified with other names, including Pink OG Kush or pink OG.

Pink Kush is easy to grow indoors and outdoors and is also mould-resistant. The strain takes about 10 to 11 weeks to flower; they do so well in a warm, dry climate. They yield between 600 to 700 grams per square meter despite being short.

The plant is bushy with buds that are compactly packed and dense; it appears like frosted kids’ cereal with an array of colours, including yellows, greens, and vibrant pinks.


The strain has distinctive sweet scents and a mix of others with hints of vanilla, a floral undertone, and dashes of wood and earth. Some people would describe its smoke as strong, though not wholly unpleasant.


It has the sour taste of citrus fruit with fresh menthol and pine.

Medicinal benefits of this strain.

It has medicinal properties. It relieves the body from migraines, headaches, and other body aches. It has a calming effect that helps relieve anxiety and stress in people. It is also used for patients with insomnia by sending them to deep sleep through its relaxation effect. It impacts an uplifting state of thought by erasing all the negativity and making you think positively.

Side effects of Pink Kush.

Pink Kush Strain can cause adverse side effects to the consumer. They May leave you with dry eyes, nausea, and dry mouth.

Another reaction that has been reported in a small percentage is that it may consist of mild paranoia, although this occurs at a high dosage. It has also been reported to cause dizziness and feeling anxious.

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From the findings, we can conclude that the Pink Kush strain has plenty of medicinal properties. It should be used with caution and in small doses for pleasure, and Long-suffering patients treating anxiety and insomnia, among others, should be used under medical supervision.

Why should you buy weed online?

On 17th, October 2018, Canada legalized the buying and selling of weed. This article focuses on the  positives and negatives that come with Buying Weed Online in Canada, and the features that differentiate  a trustworthy and untrustworthy online retail dealer.

Buying Weed Online in Canada

If you decide Buying Weed Online in Canada, there are many factors to consider, such as: Did the government license that company to sell the weed? How large is the company in terms of business? What is the reputation of the products being sold? Is there a check out process on their website? e.t.c…  This is  done not only  to protect your life and health but also keeping your financial information secure, and even the affirmation that your buying products from reliable and legal sources. Buying weed, if not handled and done with much care could lead to imprisonment due to the different territorial policies.

Why  should you buy weed online?

Less time of talking, more time of shopping. As there is no direct conversation between the two parties trading, less time is spent in bargaining and more time is credited to buying . This in turn saves time.

Shop anywhere, at any time. Buying Weed Online in Canada is not a one market point where various individuals would gather to trade, rather it is found anywhere at any given time. This enables consumers to have access to the product at any given time.

Better prices. It’s upon the consumers to decide  what price they would buy the weed; products of different brands are being posted with different prices online. It only requires a consumer to have an internet and a computer to browse for the products needed. 

Wide variety of options. The consumer decides where to buy the weed, as there are many potential sellers under competition to sell their products online.

Protection of one’s privacy. Since Buying Weed Online in Canada involves parties trading without physical contact, one’s private life is protected. 

Given the above postives that come with Buying Weed Online in Canada, still there are negatives which come with it as below.

Delay in delivery. Often times the ordered products arrive in 2-5 days which is not the case if you were to buy the product from a physical retailer.

Consumers are denied a chance to feel the touch and taste of the product. It’s always a habit for buyers to feel the taste of the product to be bought, and this is not allowed when Buying Weed Online in Canada.

Differences between a trusted and untrusted online retail dealers.

If it comes to online business, scamming is the greatest threat we have, and so you need to be vigilant once buying your products online.

The websites of untrustworthy dealers looks poorly designed and unprofessional as compared to those of trusted dealers.

The return or private policy of the untrusted retail dealers are either unclear or not mentioned at all.

Conclusively, Buying Weed Online in Canada is a big boost in the trade industry; though it has both positive and negative effects, majority of the Canadians are enjoying the trade.