Why use CBD for dogs?What are the Benefits of using CBD for dogs?

CBD for dogs is a cannabis compound that does not have any of the psychoactive effects that are usually associated with the drug. It’s very safe for use to the dogs since it’s nontoxic. There are various types of CBD oils for dogs such as CBD fx, Joy Organics, Holista Pet, SimpleWag , etc.

Why use CBD for dogs?

Dogs experience health problem. Use of CBD for dogs  helps to relieve dogs when experiencing these health problems. These problems include pain, seizures, skin problems, anxiety and inflammation.

Benefits of using CBD for dogs

There are common conditions where CBD can help dogs.

1. Dogs with joint problems – CBD can be used to dogs having joint pain. It helps to reduce inflammation and even reduce pain. These joint problems include arthritis, strains and sprains.

2. Dogs with cancer – through blocking their energy production ability, CBD kills cancerous cells. It also stimulates the production of killer cells in the immune system which as a result lead the death of cancer cells.

3. Dogs with epilepsy and seizures- use of CBD for dogs reduces the frequency and severity of seizures because of how it interacts with the endocannabinoid system. Seizure is normally as a result of abnormal electric charges of the neurons found in the nervous system. CBD binds brain receptors thus improving the nervous system functioning.

4. Dogs with anxiety- The anxiety in dogs can appear in form of separation anxiety, noise phobia, aggression and fear. From the research done, it shows that use of CBD for dogs can reduce such forms of anxiety.

5. Dogs with allergies – Allergies are among the top problems faced by dogs. Some of these allergies are hard to treat; Skin condition is one them. CBD can help relieve dry and itchy skin thus it promote the growth of new healthy skin cell.

Side effects of using CBD for dogs

Despite the fact that use of CBD for dog is safe, it also have several side effects such as dry mouth, lethargy, dizziness, increase tremor , itchiness, etc. Thus it should be used appropriately.


You can ensure your dog is in good condition, free from pain and other health problem by using CBD for dogs. If you haven’t purchased one make an effort to get it as sooner and starting administering the required dosage to your dog.  It is however advisable to first consult with your CBD treats for cats.